Customer Service

An extension of you

EMS Billing Solutions Billing Services was founded on the basic principles of treating each and every person we encounter with dignity and respect. In most cases, people who call the billing office either have questions about the billing process, or they have some concern about their bill.
An ambulance transport is something that most people do not plan for. It is not a common event in most people's lives and therefore can present a confusing set of circumstances that they are not familiar with. Our goal in all instances is to communicate with the patient and to have a bill paid by third party payers. Our staff is trained to offer options, suggest alternatives and to gather as much information as possible to achieve that goal.
When there is no third-party payer, or when the patient is responsible for part of or the entire bill, we are as accommodating as possible, while still focusing on the job of cash collections.
When we receive a customer complaint regarding the amount of the bill we deal with the patient professionally and promptly. We listen to the customer to understand the scope of the complaint and gather all appropriate details. This allows us to either immediately rectify the situation or to forward the complaint to the appropriate person for resolution.
Regardless of the complaint or attitude of the patient, our staff is expected to handle the entire situation with patience and respect for the patient. Even in the cases where an amicable solution can't be reached, the patient is always treated with the utmost respect.
As your partner for ambulance billing, we recognize that we are perceived as an extension of your service. We take this responsibility very seriously and can assure you that your patients will receive the same level of high quality customer service as our patients do. Treating our customers well has been the sole reason for EMS Billing Solutions's growth. That same service will be provided to each and every one of your patients.
EMS Billing Solutionsoperates under the requirements and guidelines of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.