MORE Cash Per Transport

You do the medical transport and provide the needed medical documentation.

You can send the medical documentation to us via paper, fax, electronic format, or secure FTP site.
Prebill Screening
We screen each claim to ensure it is sent to the correct payer. If complete insurance information is not received, calls are made to the patient or the hospital in an effort to gather accurate billing information. Most third party payers now offer access to their databases to verify insurance coverage eligibility. When available, we utilize these services. This ensures that we are delivering the bill to the correct payer, the first time, as often as possible.
Based on the information received we will set the appropriate payer and claims will be generated in the proper format based on payer. Our billing software has a powerful verification system which will ensure all the necessary information is captured based on payer requirements prior to submitting a claim. This ensures that claims are not filed without all the information required by a third party payer. This process covers both electronic and paper submissions.

When the patient is responsible, we work closely with them and offer multiple financial options. We are experts at working with patients in a compassionate, professional manner. One of our biggest strengths is our people and our people skills. This service reduces the calls you receive from patients regarding complaints or follow up. We work with your patients so you don't have to spend your time doing it.

All Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial claims are submitted electronically. We submit Medicare and Medicaid directly to those payers. The vast majority of commercial insurance claims are submitted via an electronic claims clearinghouse. We downloaded a nightly batch of claims to clearinghouse which then properly formats and submits claims to the payers. As needed we will provide additional required paperwork to Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or third party payers.

EMS Billing Solutions is set up to receive payments from the many sources necessary for EMS billing including cash, checks, checks by phone and all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Upon receipt of payments, each account is posted, reflecting a zero balance or balance due from the patient or supplemental insurance. If required, secondary payers are invoiced immediately after payments are posted. The account is then closed or re-billed accordingly. Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) received from payers will then be processed for additional billable payments or denials. Continued follow-up on accounts is done to assure complete resolution, and to aid in timely cash collections.

An important part of providing EMS billing services is the process of cash handling. There are several methods that can be employed. In our opinion, the best option is to utilize a lock box at your bank. When using a lock box, the checks, and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) are sent directly to your bank. The checks are deposited immediately and the EOBs are forwarded to us for processing and cash posting. A lock box will cost you some additional money in bank fees, but it will eliminate all cash handling by your staff.

Collection accounts
The use of collection agencies is an undesirable, yet necessary, component of EMS billing. EMS Billing Solutions only refers accounts to collections when all other attempts to receive payment from the patient have failed or in instances when we have been unable to make contact with the patient. When outside collection services become necessary, EMS Billing Solutions utilizes BC Services, a customer-service oriented collection agency.
EMS Billing Solutions and Pridemark have been working with BC Services to provide both pre-collection and collection services for the past ten years. BC Services understands the nature of the ambulance business and, therefore, uses a gentle approach with our customers while at the same time maintaining the ability to efficiently collect on unpaid accounts.

Every measure possible is taken to keep accounts from being referred to an outside agency for collection. Prior to being listed for collections, patients may contact us for access to our full range of billing services. Some common options offered by our staff are: billing the patient's insurance, placing the account on a 30-day hold while the patient works through a financial or personal issue, or setting up reasonable interest-free, monthly payments. We work with our clients on appropriate options prior to sending accounts to collections.

Fees for Service
Unlike other billing services, EMS Billing Solutions charges a fee based on the amount of cash that is collected monthly. The fee is a percentage of that amount regardless of what has been billed out. There are no hidden costs associated with billing such as postage, statements, amounts collected due to contractual write offs. This is the only way you can feel confident that your billing service is doing everything possible to maximize your reimbursement.

Call us today and let us provide you with the solutions you have been looking for to increase your cash collections, provide your patients with the highest level of customer service and represent you as the quality service you are. Our solutions allow you the time and ability to continue being the experts in EMS and transportation, while outsourcing your billing needs to the experts in EMS billing.