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Pridemark Paramedic Service was the parent company and after its partnership with Rural Metro Corporation, the EMS Billing Service was purchased by the Director of Patient Accounts, Gaylene Garcia-Kabel.  Gaylene has been involved in  EMS billing since 1981.  She has worked for small, large, local and national companies.  She was the Director of Patient Accounts with Pridemark for the last three years.  She continues to operate on the same principles the company was originally founded on which are Honesty, Accountability and Judgment.


Our Staff

Our senior EMS billing staff has over 50 years of combined experience in EMS billing services.  A key component of EMS Billing Solutions success is due to the expertise we have in billing for your services. Our extensive experience in ambulance billing, as well as overall ambulance operations gives us a unique ability to offer the absolute best in ambulance service billing.